Professional conferences in March 2014

The two events in March 2014 that I am looking forward to are:

  • Families in Global Transition Annual Conference (March 21-23)
  • Devex International Development Career Forum (March 28)

Both events offer some excellent opportunities for professional development, networking and, in the case of the Devex forum, career opportunities. 

FIGT 2014


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Global Career Boot Camp - Nov. 4, 2013

On November 4 the Foreign Policy Association conducted a Global Career Boot Camp event entitled "Landing a Job in International Development" on the American University campus in Washington, DC. The session lasted almost three hours and covered a variety of topics that were informative for those just entering the job market and those seeking mid-career change to shift into international development.

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Nonprofit conferences 2013

There are a variety of conferences focused in nonprofit activities and development scheduled to occur throughout 2013. These conference provide an opportunity for professionals with an interest in nonprofit careers and providing services to the nonprofit sector to learn more about top priorities and needs for organizations throughout the USA. 


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Communications Outreach & Design

Working globally

  • International development -- implemented operations management and delivered communications products for USAID projects in Russia, Bolivia, Peru, Israel/Palestine, and Kazakhstan
  • Nonprofit outreach communications -- design, launch, and ongoing management of organizational websites for US nonprofits
  • Emergency preparedness -- developed and delivered training and set up multi-modal emergency communications strategies for US Government communities


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