Connecting content to results

Communicating with clients, supporters or members of your organization increasingly means having a a structured network of websites and information resources. If you are launching your first site or expanding to create an integrated series of information resources, I can provide the information development and support services to achieve the results you need.

Websites – Customized and Structured for Findability

Modern websites need to deliver useful content to users and be highly visible to search engines. By creating websites that function with database-driven content, business owners and organizational managers can spend less time with technical issues and focus on publishing updated information on their sites. Content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress have been used in projects for commercial and non-profit clients. Whether you are a small business owner or an international organization, my services include creating new sites or improving the content and utility of your existing website.

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Research & Monitoring

The increasing size of the internet has created excellent information resources and an over abundance of news, data and opinions. Filtering out the data you need for business or project development, market news or baseline information as part of competitive intelligence efforts is also available.

Creating a useful catalog of information requires a structured approach. Some of the methods used to deliver timely information to clients have included: wikis, secure blogs, weekly monitoring reports via email, and databases.

Training & Multimedia Products

A variety of multimedia products can be used to deliver instructional materials to teach subscribers how to use a product or explain the benefits of a project or program. Narrated slide shows and videos can be developed for delivery through a dedicated website or directly from such services as YouTube and SlideShare. Podcasts (on-demand audio) are another highly-accessible method of sharing information that can be delivered as online or downloadable product.

Services available for training and multimedia production include: copywriting, script writing, graphic development, video and audio editing, as well as download and monitoring statistics.